Kat’s Morning Run: A Comedy of Errors in 3 Parts

Act 1: Iditarod
The bridge over the Stones River is covered in ice. Jenx is not happy about this. However he has traction and I don’t, so he pulls me across the bridge while I skate. We make it the Civil War fortress and continue our run to the park.

Act 2: Ignoring the Warning Signs
We jog past the playground, and head toward the  trail head. Next to golf course, the sidewalk slopes steeply toward the river. There were 2 orange barrels there, but they weren’t blocking the greenway, just sitting on either side of the trail. We happily jog past the barrels, and hit the crest of the slope. Then Jenx’s feet come out from under him. Immediately followed by my feet coming out from under me. I hit the ground, and slide 6 feet down the hill – which can be best described as an ice slide – Opryland has nothing on the greenway today. I am not sure how I managed to get the two of us back up this ice hill.

Act 3: In Which Jenx Lays down the Law
Despite our relatively short run, I am ready to call it a day, and we turn around at the top of the ice slide and return to the car. Things go well until we arrive back at the Stones River Bridge. We make it about 10 yards on the bridge when Jenx lets me know he is completely over the ice and will not be continuing this run another step. He does this by dragging me backwards along the ice to the safety of the paved sidewalk. Then he lays down. And refuses to get back on the bridge. I try dragging him – doesn’t work. I try coaxing him – doesn’t work. Each time, I get slid back to the sidewalk. Short of swimming across the Stones River, there is no way to get back to the car without crossing this bridge. I pick the dog up. The 60 lbs dog. And CARRY him across this extremely long, extremely icy bridge.

I have had a hot shower and am drinking a cup of coffee. The dog is showing his appreciation for carrying him across an icy bridge by running like a maniac  through the house while ripping pages out of magazines.

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